Youth Voice



The first step of NYC is Youth Voice. Here assemblies of youth are gathered to discuss important issues pertaining to them and their communities (such as recreation, violence, drug usage, etc.). With facilitation by those who have received NYC Adult Leadership Training, participants form action plans to address these issues.

The TOWN HALL FORUMS lead to the formation of ACTION COUNCILS where a select number of participants choose to go to the next level (Youth Lead) and put the plans in action.

Key Action Steps

  1. Define Town Forum Focus Issue(s)  
  2. Select venue / planning
  3. Promotion / Recruitment
  4. Conduct Town Hall Forum
  5. Recruitment and enrollment of youth in YOUTH LEAD

Key Programs / Technologies


  1. Town Hall Forums Key Programs / Technologies
  2. Virtual membership online
  3. NYC Issues & Concerns: interactive polling and message boards