Youth Lead


Action Councils

The second phase of NYC is Youth Lead. A smaller group of youth are selected from those who participated in Youth Voice and receive training from the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE.
They learn the fundamentals of character, decision making, and basic workplace skills. They are also given the tools to step out and lead in key issues identified in the Town Hall Forums.


This stage emphasizes EXPERIENCE, as participants are immersed in work contexts, field trips, service projects, and mentoring relationships.

Key Action Steps

  1. Staff and facility designation
  2. Development of work experiences, service projects, and mentors
  3. Implementation of leadership training program
  4. Facilitation of Action Plans
  5. Coaching and encouragement

Key Programs / Technologies

  1. Prudential Youth Leadership Institute (PYLI)
  2. TRICS training (Trust, Respect, Integrity, Consistency, Self-esteem)
  3. Increasing Human Effectiveness Training